Source code for zemfrog.loaders.api

from importlib import import_module

from flask import Flask
from flask_smorest import Blueprint
from ..globals import smorest
from ..helper import get_import_name

[docs]def loader(app: Flask): """ A function to load all of your API resources to flask based on the ``APIS`` configuration in """ apis = app.config.get("APIS", []) import_name = get_import_name(app) api_prefix = app.config.get("API_PREFIX", "/api") prefix = "apis." for name in apis: res = name if not name.startswith(prefix): res = prefix + res try: res = import_module(import_name + res) except ImportError: res = import_module(name.lstrip(prefix)) tag = res.tag description = res.description url_prefix = res.url_prefix bp = Blueprint( tag, __name__, url_prefix=api_prefix + url_prefix, description=description ) routes = res.routes for detail in routes: url, view, methods = detail bp.route(url, methods=methods)(view) smorest.register_blueprint(bp)